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Our Potted Fruit trees have a low chill requirement and are self pollinating which makes them are perfect for the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area.

A 15 gallon 7 - 8 feet tall tree is just $45 or two trees for $80.

Gala Apple
Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tartness, rich flavor. Skin reddish-orange over yellow. Early harvest, 2-3 weeks before Red Delicious. Good pollenizer for other varieties. 500 to 600 hours. Self fruitful.

Beverly Hills Apple
Long-time favorite summer apple for coastal So. California. Pale yellow, red blush or stripes. Medium size, slightly tart. Fresh/cooked. 300 hours. Self-fruitful.

Shinseiki Asian Pear
With their crisp, juicy texture, Asian pears must be some of the most refreshing fruits on earth. They're a fitting pome to bridge the transition from summer to fall, when we haven't completely let go of warm days but are ready to embrace the next season's flavors.

Nubiana Plum
Nubiana Plums make exceptional fresh fruits for eating with their large size, juiciness, sweet flesh and good keeping qualities.

We also offer:

Fuyu Persimmon


Weeping Santa Rosa Plum
Laroda Plum

Spice 2 Necta Plum